Speech Sounds (Language Workbooks) by Patricia Ashby

By Patricia Ashby

Speech Sounds: * is helping strengthen the elemental talents of the phonetician * investigates many of the facets occupied with the construction of speech sounds * makes use of data-based fabric to augment every one new suggestion * contains examples from a variety of languages * offers dozens of routines with strategies and cross-references * can supplement latest path or textbook fabric. the recent variation of Speech Sounds has been revised and up to date all through and comprises new examples and workouts, a brand new appendix giving details on occupation clients; and a completely up to date extra analyzing part.

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Speech Sounds (Language Workbooks)

Speech Sounds: * is helping boost the basic talents of the phonetician * investigates a number of the elements excited about the creation of speech sounds * makes use of data-based fabric to enhance every one new proposal * comprises examples from a variety of languages * presents dozens of routines with suggestions and cross-references * can supplement current path or textbook fabric.

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1. Transcribe all the words containing a voiced alveolar nasal. How many such consonants are there in this passage? 2. Make a transcribed list of all the words containing a voiced velar nasal. 3. Go through the passage and indicate the nasalized vowels by placing the nasalization diacritic above them. 10 Draw and label a vocal tract diagram for each of the English nasal consonants. ) < previous page page_51 next page > < previous page page_52 next page > Page 52 7 CONSONANT DESCRIPTION AND VOICE-PLACE-MANNER LABELS In this chapter, we will complete the study of manner of articulation and practice the application of full phonetic labels, often called VOICE-PLACE-MANNER LABELS and abbreviated to Voice-place-manner (VPM) labels ORAL MANNERS OF ARTICULATION Clearly, glancing again at our entry for English alveolar consonants ([t d n s z 1]) we can see that there are still going to be quite a large number of different types or manners of speech sounds to identify if we are going to be able to give distinctive three-part phonetic labels to each of the consonants in this set.

There is an inherent relationship (apparent through study of the alignment of organs in the rest position) between active and passive articulators which means that it is not necessary to mention the active articulator every time we name or label a speech sound. ¦ The name of the place of articulation supplies the second term in the three-term labelling system for consonants— the first recognizes whether the sound is voiced or voiceless. 1. 7 Here are all the English consonants: (a) Divide them into two groups, putting all the voiceless ones together and all the voiced ones together.

The Scottish vowels can be written and . If you have a rhotic accent, you may not have the diphthongs , and , but a monophthong followed by [r]. Another big difference is over the vowel we have shown in cup, love, etc. Half of England lacks this vowel—all the Midlands and the North, in fact. Generally is used in all those words where the South has the additional vowel ; so Hudd is a homophone of hood, and putt is the same as put. Short Long SUMMARY ¦ Vowel quality—how a vowel sounds—is a function of the combination of the part of the tongue being used (frontcentral-back), how near or far this is from the palate (high-mid-low) and lip position (spread-neutral-rounded).

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