The Conductor As Leader: Principles of Leadership Applied to by Ramona M. Wis

By Ramona M. Wis

This ebook applies company ideas to the duty of top a musical ensemble.

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As long as one is leading, one always has a goal…. [T]he leader always knows what it is and can articulate it for any who are unsure. 19 Vision is a critical topic in books on corporate leadership and management because with all the tasks and pressures it is easy for leaders to get caught up in the everyday, shortsighted, right-infront-of-your-nose details that they can’t see the bigger picture. We become focused on what Stephen Covey calls the “urgent but not important” and seldom get around to the really significant things in life.

As servant leaders this calling means serving our musicians and our organizations but it also refers to serving our art: music. What we do in our rehearsals eventually 14 If the concept of servant leadership is new to you, I recommend a simple, but powerful book called The Servant by James C. Hunter. This is a story that illustrates in real-world ways what servant leadership is all about. org. There is no manual for servant leadership, but these can help you begin to understand the thinking behind the perspective on life and leading that servant leadership embodies.

Seeing this or any kind of performance first hand, such as demonstration concerts, lecture concerts, collaborative festivals, multi-media performances or audience participation concerts gets the visionary wheels turning and encourages us to think about our own programming and concert design in new and creative ways. Studying the profession also gives us the opportunity to explore trends in thinking about the art form itself specifically as it relates to the kind of organization we lead. Whether we are learning about new teaching standards as a public school music educator or conduct in church, community or professional organizations, there are always new ideas about the role we play as leaders of the enterprise—about what we should be addressing in rehearsal, how rehearsals should be led, the relationship we have with the congregation or audience— that impact our vision for the organization.

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