The Divine Talisman: Book Three of the Legend of Asahiel by Eldon Thompson

By Eldon Thompson

To guard his humans from the demonic Illysp, Torin, king of Alson, made the last word sacrifice. Now his ally and his former love search to salvage the shattered lands past their borders. yet a treacherous attack expenditures them their strongest weapon—the fabled red Sword. Hopelessly outmatched, Pentania's voters needs to flee their conquered fatherland otherwise perish. And now the Leviathan has been awakened—an unfathomable creature whose wrath may single-handedly smash the full global. Scant desire remains—save for the doubtless futile efforts of a lone elf, a mad witch, and a fallen hero charged with unraveling a chain of divine riddles. yet doom is inevitable, until they could in some way holiday the strong bonds of a fiendish, insidious ownership.

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Yes, sir. ” “I—I was returning it to my sister’s farm for the night,” Allion stammered. The colonel shook his head. “All carts commissioned for deliveries are to return to the city immediately for reloading. ” Allion’s stomach lurched. “But my sister—” “Your sister can apply for compensation for commissioned articles. But my orders are clear. ” It was difficult to fault the man for such precautions. And yet, Allion cringed, recognizing full well that a dangerous turn had been taken, and fearing where such paranoia on the part of his countrymen might lead.

These were handled with nothing short of disgust—kicked and tossed like vermin, spat and even pissed upon, showered with taunts and curses and wards to protect against the spread of their evil. A baseless prejudice, really. After all, while in some cases difficult to tell, there were many of their own kind—such as Evhan—who had been confirmed as Illychar. From what Allion could see, most of these were being treated with pity, rather than contempt, as if their human shell made them somehow less vile.

If there was indeed betrayal here, it was his alone. Nevertheless, he might have felt better if she were to show just a little less fortitude, and a little more sorrow. With a light touch upon her shoulder, he slipped past and through the inner doorway, out into the sitting chamber beyond. He had nearly reached the latched door that would carry him to the outer hall when her voice stopped him in his tracks. ” Allion hesitated, his hand upon the iron pull. When he turned, he found her standing beneath the arch that separated the royal chambers, clutching the Sword by its scabbard.

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