The Faerie Queene, Books Three and Four by Edmund Spenser

By Edmund Spenser

This name is a part of a sequence of Spenser's nice paintings in 5 volumes. each one contains its personal basic advent, annotation, be aware at the textual content, bibliography, thesaurus, and an index of characters; Spenser's letter to Raleigh and a brief lifetime of Spenser look in each quantity.

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4 embaste: declared base. 5 yfere: companionably. 6 The fact that Spenser so often praises the past raises the question of what he is saying about Elizabeth’s reign in the present. 7 Note the layers of praise and irony for the female, yet manly, Britomart. 2 8 meed: reward. despight: resentment. 10 envy: admire, with overtones of being mortified at being less admirable oneself. 11 surquedry: arrogance. , through wastelands and also through built-up areas. 14 whylome: while; dernly: dismally. 9 Canto One 11 Full griesly seemd: therein they long did ryde, Yet tract1 of living creature none they fownd, Save Beares, Lyons, and Buls, which romed them arownd.

1 mishap: misfortune. nyce: fine, with ironic overtones of uselessness. 3 Me lever were: I would rather. , Brittany (a region of France). Here, the term refers to Wales (rather than to England or to all of the territory formerly inhabited by the Britons). 5 wonne: dwell. 6 worship: admiration. 7 weet: learn. 8 Doing dishonor to a male knight can mean any of a number of things; however, now that Redcrosse knows Britomart is a woman (having seen her in her smock in Malecasta’s house), her claim that Artegall has done her dishonor can mean only one of two things: that he tried to rape her or 2 that he succeeded in doing so.

22 The Faerie Queene: Book Three 47 Whom when the Lady saw so faire a wight, All ignorant of her contrary1 sex, (For shee her weend a fresh and lusty2 knight) Shee greatly gan enamoured to wex,3 And with vaine4 thoughts her falsed fancy vex: Her fickle hart conceived hasty fyre, Like sparkes of fire, that fall in sclender flex,5 That shortly brent6 into extreme desyre, And ransackt all her veines with passion entyre. 48 Eftsoones7 shee grew to great impatience And into termes of open outrage brust,8 That plaine discovered her incontinence,9 Ne reckt shee, who her meaning did mistrust;10 For she was given all to fleshly lust, And poured forth11 in sensuall delight, That all regard of shame she had discust,12 And meet13 respect of honor putt to flight: So shamelesse beauty soone becomes a loathly sight.

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