The Gay Science by Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter A. Kaufmann

By Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter A. Kaufmann

Nietzsche referred to as The homosexual technology "the so much own of all my books." It used to be the following that he first proclaimed the demise of God -- to which a wide a part of the booklet is dedicated -- and his doctrine of the everlasting recurrence.

Walter Kaufmann's remark, with its many quotations from formerly untranslated letters, brings to lifestyles Nietzsche as a person and illuminates his philosophy. The booklet includes a few of Nietzsche's such a lot sustained discussions of artwork and morality, wisdom and fact, the highbrow judgment of right and wrong and the beginning of logic.

Most of the publication used to be written previous to therefore Spoke Zarathustra, the final half 5 years later, after past reliable and Evil. We come across Zarathustra in those pages in addition to lots of Nietzsche's finest philosophical principles and the biggest choice of his personal poetry that he himself ever published.

Walter Kaufmann's English types of Nietzsche characterize one of many significant translation organizations of our time. he's the 1st thinker to have translated Nietzsche's significant works, and not sooner than has a unmarried translator given us a lot of Nietzsche.

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23. It is true that Russell would not consider that Socrates was properly an "ultimate simple" or irreducible particular. Cf. Fritz, op. , pp. 124-125. Also, The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, Chapter II, pp. 8 ff. 24. For a brief statement by Russell himself of this way of interpreting the universal and particular propositions of traditional logic. v. , London, 1920, pp. 161-165. 25. Cf. Fritz, op. , p. " 26. The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, pp. 12-13. 27. , p. 1. 28. The Principles of Mathematics, 2nd edition, W.

And yet what is such a relation of a thing to what it isto its own 'what'if not a relation of identity? Moreover, it should be remarked that in fact and in reality nothing ever stands over against its own 'what' in such a way as to be related back to it by a relation of identity, in the manner of predicate to subject. No, it is only intellectually or in the mind that what-a-thing-is is abstracted from the thing itself and then reidentified 19 with it in a logical proposition. And yet note that through the device of such a purely logical relating of a thing to its own 'what', we do come to recognize what that thing is in fact and in reality.

Thus the latter sort of relation is such that it can be used to intend something other and different from itself. 008' of it. However, in thus using a relation of identity between subject and predicate, we did not mean or intend by it any real relation of identity in fact and in reality. For in rerum natura hydrogen is not related to its atomic weight by any identity relation of subject to predicate. However, if a function - argument structure does not have this sort of intentional relationship toward something other than itself, which it is supposed somehow to be of or about, then just how is a proposition which is interpreted as having this kind of structure related to what it means or signifies?

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