The phonetics of the Hottentot language (Khoisan) by Beach D.M.

By Beach D.M.

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Fill in each blank with the appropriate form of the idioms using take listed below. to take one's time to take a trip to take off to take place to take out to take turns to take part in to take a walk to take hold of 1. Do you have any idea when the symphony concert is scheduled ___________? 2. To drive safely, you should __________ the steering wheel with both hands. 3. Carlo always ___________ on the telephone. She really enjoys calling up her friends and going on and on talking about work. 4.

She really enjoys calling up her friends and going on and on talking about work. 4. Bill finally ___________ the new girl in school. They went to the park together and had a picnic. 5. Many young actors and actresses wanted ___________ the theater production of Hamlet. Unfortunately, only a few were chosen. 6. It's such a nice evening Would you like ___________ around the block with me? 7. My brother and I ___________ doing household chores. One day he washes the dishes, and the next day I do them.

Every other 9. until now ___ 8. out of the question h. uncomfortable, worried ___ 9. all along i. very soon, immediately ___ 10. on time j. modem, current ___ 11. ill at ease k. alternate ___ 12. up to date l. permanently, forever B. In the space provided, mark whether each sentence is true (T) or false (F). 1. If you take your time getting ready for work in the morning you do it in a hurry. ___ 2. If you have worn out your clothes, you would use them to dress up. ____ 3. If you have difficulty getting along with people, you probably also have trouble making friends.

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