The Shining South (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition by Tom Prusa

By Tom Prusa

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The halflings of Luiren claim that it is the original homeland of halflings in the Realms. Although other halflings may disagree, it is true that halflings have lived in Luiren for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Luiren’s history is one of conquerors. Throughout the centuries the halflings have been conquered by the barbarians who used to inhabit Dambrath, by the kingdom of Estagund, and even once by the monsters of Veldorn. In every case, the invaders were eventually defeated because they made the mistake of underestimating the halflings due to their small stature.

She has taken a new consort, a half-elf named Bristar Risingsun, a 10th-level lawful evil mage, who is not even a native. Whether he becomes a power in Ammathtar, or goes the way of Skield remains to be seen. Ammathtar remains a peaceful trading city at least on the surface. It boasts the largest horse pens in the nation, which are located north of the city nest to the Traders Way. The pens can contain up to 5,000 horses. They are often full during the height of the trading season. Traders come with many types of goods.

She thinks of all other cultures (except for that of the drow, for which she has great respect) as barbaric. This belief does not stop her from dealing with outsiders. She is often mistaken for a kindly leader, a perception she encourages. If the PCs pass through Ammathluir, they have a chance of meeting Falrith. She has observers who do nothing but watch for powerful adventurers. If the party contains someone of 6th level or higher, she has a base 50% chance of hearing about them. This chance is modified by the party’s actions.

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