The Sociolinguistics of Narrative by Ulla Connor, Thomas A. Upton

By Ulla Connor, Thomas A. Upton

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It sounds bizarre doesn’t it to talk about it like that but it’s a way of keeping it where it should be I reckon Before discussing the final narrative it is necessary to explain that Josephine developed close relationships during her stay in hospital with other patients undergoing a transplant operation: Extract (18) Josephine: It’s like being on board ship you know. . you wouldn’t get through it without . . and there’s lots of jokes and stuff you know it’s a tight little community. . highly supportive and you never forget.

Highly supportive and you never forget. . you never forget the day you had it done. . you never forget the people you were in with who were having it done at the same time as you. . it’s a very emotional experience. . whether it works or whether it doesn’t it’s a real high point It is also relevant to note that when Josephine attends the outpatient clinic she does not wish to be reminded of these experiences. She recounts in (19) how she identifies with like-minded patients at the clinic: Narrative as a resource in accounts of the experience of illness Extract (19) Josephine: When I go to the transplant clinic for my routine visits it’s actually a very friendly chatty place.

In the narrative in (7) the comparison is with her neighbour. Mention of the neighbour triggers a short narrative illustrating the sensible system Rose has adopted to ensure that she does not forget to take her medication. The beginning of the narrative is indicated by the arrow. Extract (7) Sue: now do you ever find that you forget to take your medication for blood pressure? Rose: no.. no I don’t. . the reason being that little blue box over there on the table. . underneath that top thing.. that has..

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