Toll the Hounds: Book Eight of The Malazan Book of the by Steven Erikson

By Steven Erikson

In Darujhistan, the town of blue fireplace, it's stated that love and loss of life shall arrive dancing. it's summer season and the warmth is oppressive, yet for the small around guy within the light crimson waistcoat, discomfiture isn't just due to the sunlight. All isn't good. Dire portents plague his nights and hang-out the town streets like fiends of shadow. Assassins skulk in alleyways, however the quarry has became and the hunters develop into the hunted.

Hidden palms pluck the strings of tyranny like a fell refrain. whereas the bards sing their tragic stories, someplace within the distance will be heard the baying of Hounds...And within the far away urban of Black Coral, the place ideas Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, historic crimes wake up, motive on revenge. it kind of feels Love and demise are certainly approximately to arrive...hand in hand, dancing.

A exciting, harrowing novel of warfare, intrigue and darkish, uncontrollable magic, Toll the Hounds is the hot bankruptcy in Erikson's huge sequence - epic fable at its so much imaginitive and storytelling at its so much exciting.

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The latch was well- Guardians of the Lost 23 worn. Apparently the bahk had opened his treasure box many times to admire his possession. Gustav started to reach out his hand to touch the box. Of a sudden, he hesitated. “This box is the final guardian,” he realized. The magic of the box was powerful. The box would kill any common thief who might have escaped the tomb’s other guardians. A thief such as himself. A thief such as he had been. Gustav had renounced that life years ago. He had lived every day since in remorse for his past sins.

The magus at the Temple in New Vinnengael had done her work well. She had listened with polite gravity while Gustav explained why he needed such a special carry-all. The magical knapsack had cost him his life savings, as well as his modest town house in the city. He’d even been forced to sell his horse to raise the money. All for a dream. No wonder people thought him mad. What they could not know, of course, was that the house meant nothing to him without her in it. Or rather, she was too much in it.

Gustav spoke the single word that was required to activate the magic. The magus had told him to select a word he would be certain never to forget. “Adela,” he said softly. The silver box containing the Sovereign Stone vanished. The knapsack appeared to be empty. The magus had warned him—or so he vaguely remembered— that the magic was so effective at concealing the object placed inside the knapsack that even though he knew how the magic worked, he would be tempted to doubt. “Adela,” he said again and found himself looking down at the silver box with its marvelous jeweled-eyed animals.

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