Varieties of Activist Experience: Civil Society in South by David Gellner

By David Gellner

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He then suggested to some villagers that they were entitled to contribute less, given the size or the category of their fields as specified in the documents. He encouraged others to claim their ownership of this or that field cultivated by somebody else. He introduced a different logic, based on individual interest and conformity to written documents, in place of the lineage solidarity that had prevailed up till then. What Krishna Mukhiya personally gained by sweeping the dust off these documents and creating havoc was the opportunity to appear as the saviour of the oppressed and, Barman suggested, to gain moral credit from those who ended up paying less.

1947. From Volga to Ganga: A Picture in Nineteen Stories of the Historical, Economic and Political Evolution of the Human Society from 6,000 BC to 1922 AD. Bombay: People’s Publishing House Ltd. Tamang, M. 2006. ‘Culture, Caste and Ethnicity in the Maoist Movement’, Studies in Nepalí History and Society, 11(2): 271–301. Whelpton, J. 2007. A History of Nepal. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1 Many early discussions of the ‘People’s War’ in Nepal treated radical communism as if it were a newly introduced ideology which common citizens were unlikely to understand, much less believe.

He was coming with the queen to give a speech before the first meeting of the Parliament. The general secretary took me to one side and told me: “You have to wear the national dress for the king’s visit tomorrow”. I told him: “What I am wearing now, I have always worn and so did my ancestors. If I can’t wear this in front of the king, then why should I stay here? THE BIOGRAPHY OF A MAGAR COMMUNIST 37 I don’t mind going back to the village”. The general secretary did not reply. The following day there were a lot of people, everybody with the same dress and the same grey jacket.

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